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Dear Colleagues,


Michelle Rivera-Clonch, Ph.D. and Nic Flores, Ph.D. invite you to the 14th annual Writing in Depth: An Academic Writing Retreat in partnership with Hope Springs Institute. This 3 night/4 day retreat will provide a context in which you will do some serious academic writing, reflect on your writing practices, and establish systems of accountability in regional working groups that will aid in your movement toward completing the writing project.


This primarily self-directed retreat is designed to focus on your writing and NOT on professional development. It is intended to give you space and support to reinvigorate your writing process and to reconnect you with a community of writers during a time when one can feel alienated and isolated.


Click here to see a sample schedule

Click here for rates and registration

Click here to see a list of participating institutions


We're looking forward to seeing you!

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Imagine being able to devote 4 days to your writing project without any distractions... 


Which part of your writing project could benefit from your undivided attention?


Here are 10 unique things about Writing in Depth: An Academic Writing Retreat

that will support you in your writing...


 1.  No one will interrupt your writing pets, neighbors, phone calls, family members, or friends.

 2.  You don't have to cook for yourself or others! Hope Springs' committed staff cooks three *delicious* (we're          not kidding!) home-made meals a day for you. Snacks, coffee, and teas are available 24/7 in the Dining Room.

 3.  Your dietary needs will be accommodated. Hope Springs specializes in providing "food that is full of love,              nutrition, beauty and satisfies body and soul."

 4.  You don't have to clean up after yourself or others! Let Hope Springs take care of you!

 5.  Television and internet surfing won't eat up your time.

 6.  Are you a Night Owl? or an Early Bird? No problem. You decide your own writing schedule.

 7.  Whether you are a solitary writer or a writer who likes to bounce ideas off of others, this retreat accommodates       all writing processes, styles, and needs.

 8.  Do you find inspiration from nature? Hope Springs sits on 130 acres of beautiful Northeastern Deciduous            Forest.

 9.  Need time to dwell with ideas? Hope Springs has a labyrinth, meditation circle, and outdoor fire pit in the                lower meadow; ridge trails, walking trails, and guided hikes into the ravine; ponds and streams; art supplies; yoga          supplies; and more to support your writing process.

 10. Want a little more adventure? Hope Springs is less than a half hour from Serpent  Mound - the largest and             finest serpent effigy in the United States. Nearly a  quarter of a mile long, Serpent Mound represents an                uncoiling serpent. Many who  come here build in a visit to this ancient mound.

***Check out Michelle's Invited Guest Blog Series "The Psychology Behind Writing" 

with the Textbook and Academic Authors Association!***

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