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Since 2011, we have worked with graduate students and faculty members with a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and ranks. Here's what our participants are saying about Writing in Depth: An Academic Writing Retreat:

Journal Article Writer

"This retreat was just the spark I needed to hit the ground running once I return home. I'm grateful for the practical resources offered to continue to protect my writing time outside of the retreat setting as well as the invitation to nourish our spirits."

                           - Assistant Professor at a Research University

Journal Article Writer

"My weekend with Writing in Depth was truly transformative. The weekend lit a fire under me to write and gave me the tools and inspiration to keep the flames going! I was reminded why I pursued academia in the first place, and why my work is important to me on a very deep level. I left feeling inspired, grounded, and rejuvenated to be the most ambitious and courageous version of my academic self. Our shepherds for the process, Maurice and Michelle, are beautiful, wise people, and the grounds at Hope Springs are fertile for doing the kind of work that gives back to the world."

                                - A.A., Assistant Professor at a Law School

Book Manuscript Writer


"Writing in Depth is the perfect retreat for academic writers. It offers a great balance between expertly-led workshops to reflect upon participants' writing practices and time devoted to writing. Thanks to this retreat (which I have attended twice) I have developed a sustainable writing routine and publication pipeline. Most importantly, I have learned to approach my research with joy and creativity. Highly reccomended!

- I.V., Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

Journal Article Writer


"I knew that the Writing in Depth retreat would provide me with the space to write, and it certainly did this. What I did not realize, however, and what made the retreat a transformative experience, is that it offered a calm space of writing and moreover, enabled me to reconnect with the creativity that lies at the center of all writing. From interactions with other participants that promoted a multidisciplinary experience, to the activities led by Michelle and Maurice, obstacles in my writing-- from concisely explaining my work to breaking down big projects into achievable tasks-- were all addressed in the retreat. It had a significant impact on how I viewed the process of writing. For these reasons, I strongly recommend the retreat!" 

- I.A., Assistant Professor, Geography


Dissertation Writer


"The idea of joining a group of fellow writers was a new idea for me, especially with writers from different institutions. However, this variation of focuses as well as styles and approaches is what made this retreat especially rich. I found the camaraderie that developed and continued to grow from the first night amazing and enriching. Lastly, I was surprised that with the same amount of time I usually spend writing, my writing was richer and deeper."

Dissertation Writer 


"This is my second time doing the retreat and I hope to do it every year if I can. I arrived stressed out, feeling very anxious, and a bit defeated about my dissertation. But I was instantly met with a warm, inviting, and supportive group and through the workshops, conversations, and quiet time to think and write, I started to feel less anxious and more passionate and inspired than ever to keep writing. I love the retreat because it reminds me that writing can be a re-energizing and positive experience that connects you to people instead of just being  isolating."

Dissertation Writer


"I wish there had been something offered like this when I started my dissertation clock. It would have enabled me to layout my time, craft my dissertation outline, and equip me with accountability structures of support. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with a writing project to attend this workshop, especially a thesis or dissertation. Though you feel alone, this workshop reminds one that there are others and together you can accomplish your goals when sharing."

-Paula Moses, Pacifica Graduate Institute 

Dissertation Writer

"When I arrived at Hope Springs for the Writing In Depth retreat I was feeling lost and frustrated with my dissertation and not very confident in my writing or writing practices.  After leaving the retreat, I feel reinvigorated, inspired, and equipped with writing strategies effective for the long-term.  I can’t thank Michelle and Maurice enough for organizing this retreat, investing in me, and creating this community of solidarity free of judgment but full of support.  It certainly helped being at Hope Springs, where the combination of positive energy, physical beauty, and amazing staff offered a calm space to think and write.  I hope more writers, and especially dissertation writers, have an opportunity to attend Writing In Depth!  I am leaving this experience feeling encouraged and excited to write again!"

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